Glitchy Gears

So, I was experimenting with some high-speed engines (The gears get a revolution per second at 1% speed), and they're breaking because the teeth of the gears are glitching into each other as they turn. Does anyone know any fixes for this?
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The reason why it's happening is probably because the gears are colliding at such a speed that the physics update rate is unable to keep up and register that they are colliding before the next update takes place, there is a similar phenomena if an object is moving too fast it can go straight through objects, try getting a 30+ power cannon and shoot it at one of the mountains in the level editor, you will notice the cannon ball goes straight through without even slowing down. There is a mod on the steam workshop to increase this update rate but it drastically changes the way everything interacts with each other, it's called "Accurate Physics (Experimental)"