Giving away a copy of Besiege. [Youtube Video+Reddit+SteamGroup!]

So as i was just going to post this on the forums i noticed a strange thread title saying "Fake Social Media & Websites". Then i thought: This isnt good.

But anyways; This isnt a joke, im not joking.

The last time the winner hadnt been active on steam for 5-7 years, so 3 weeks later im here again to give-away the same copy of Besiege.

I have a copy of the game on HumbleBundle and its still not activated, im doing this give-away from today and the winner will be announced on the steam group with over 400 members and growing! (Link)


Twitter proof:

This is a REAL give-away, there isnt a scam and if it where i could re-confirm that it wasnt as im taking this seriously, even tho my spelling looks like it needs polishing.

- MultiGamerClub, Peace out!

Youtube Video:

Reddit post:

I guess thats all :)


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FBSoldier said:
get it?
The norwegian flag in the profile picture?
Good luck everyone.
Gah, Comedy Central spammed that joke in all the youtube commercials for "Comedy Central coming to Norway" >.>