Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Mate that's all good, you've done so many banners already, and made a huge contribution to the besiege community :) good luck with whatever it is that's busying you xD
I have uploaded a .png banner with a transparent background and it worked on my Google+ acount and YouTube channel. Now that I've uploaded it to my Besiege Profile it does not work. A white background appears in the background. Why?


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Nathaniel411 said:
I know its closed,but Im 2lazy2wait so this is what I want...

Design:White skull with open mouth
Effects:Burning eyes and mouth

I hope this is what you want.

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...When you come back to the forums could you give me the larger version of my profile picture? (if by any chance you still have it)
I kinda needed it.
... yeah, yeaaah,, i want one, it may be closed, but it doesnt mean some people are still taking requests.
Colour of banner: A dark blue, like black wil a hint of blue, but the blue is still seeable, but really black. (if this rots for an eternity before getting noticed, i dont care lol)
Image: a bird eye view of a helicopter, any kind that looks good, while it shoots rockets.
if possible, a slight distort.
Colour of image: dark red, tjats seeable, but still black, and red with light grey smoke from the rockets.
Extra details: behind the helicopter, if possible, some "explosions" to act like, its bombing somewhere, but you cant see it, and its dark, and blue, :/
Spirit Of Nature said:
It's quite pathetic that many still ask for their banners to be made. He's not gonna be back, at least until christmas
Not all of us are asking for it. Me for example, I already have mine. I just want the bigger image to use in other places ;-;
And yes, I admit it's pathetic.