Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Damn, going through this thread and seeing some extraordinary banners here, good job mate!
So good in fact... could you do me too? as you can see I tried, but it isn't great :D

Colour of banner: Malachite
Image: I guess some sort of quadcopter drone... that or a spanner... up to you mate XD
Distressed: No
Colour of image: white... going with the mainstream here
Extra details: if you decide quadcopter, then don't go too complex. If you go spanner, make it complex :p

Thanks mate! Take as long as you need :)

Funny thing :D I just wanted to make a thread in this forum to ask where all the people got their banners from and then saw this xD

Colour of banner: rust-red like the first example
Image: a "Z" like it is already on my profile pic
Colour of image: white
Extra details: A cog like at FBsoldiers profile pic(not the exact same) going around the "Z"
Color of banner: Steel/Chrome
Image: Clip art Skull
Color of image: Steel/Chrome
Background: Forge Symbol from Halo (Very Light Transparency) Placed behind the skull)
Background Color: Blood Red

Extra details: Computer Screen Line Glitch (Glitched) Displacements), Image and background sort of spray-painted onto the banner.

Representation (What my banner represents):
Skull: Nothing really, just thought it'd be cool to have it imprinted into the background using the same color as the banner.
Halo Forge Symbol: Shows that I like to build things a lot and show my creativity, as I come from a halo forging community.
Colors: Thought it'd be cool to have some colors high in contrast with one another, so it sort of reaches out to your attention.
Details: Shows that my computer and game glitch out a lot (E.G. Game crashing unexpectedly.)

Overall this banner just represents my personality and what I like.
Thanks for taking your time to read this request, have a nice day!

Just kidding :p
I'm sure that extra detail is going to look great!
Sorry everyone I'm going to be very busy up until December. I might pop onto the forums every now and then and create a few besiege creations but I don't think I'll be making any banners for a while.