Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Hey, you make some cool profile pic banners! Wanna make me one? Colour should be dark purple, and the symbol should be an explosion, give it the effects you want! :p
You and displayter should really be filling out the form in the first post like everyone else has.
Your in the queue after I finish displayers :)
Hey! If is it not a problem, I would like to have one of your awesome profile pictures ;)

Colour of banner: Persian blue
Image: caduceus medical sign - - but you can choose whatever you think fits the small picture best :) [more of less complicated patterns]
Colour of image: White

Mohab The Boss I decided to go with a more cartoony explosion as it seemed more fun, but I can make a serious one if you want.

Aionir I had to make the wings smaller so that I could make the rest of the image bigger and get it all in properly.

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The medical one has one snake on a staff (Rod of Asclepius) used by a Greek god of healing. This one with 2 snakes is the symbol of another god Hermes but they are often mixed up.
I know the right one is Rod of Asclepius, but (at least in my country) they are so mixed up that both are used as medical sign - and this one looks better on banner :3
They are actually quite quick and easy when I have the time and motivation to do them.

Unless its something complicated to turn into a silhouette like displayters. Or conceptual and something I don't know a lot about like Max's.