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Have to keep changing the blue hue slightly each time ;) theres only so many colours you can choose unless people start providing the exact tint & hue or something.

An Icon to illustrate modding is stumping me a little. I'm looking at lots of setting and modify icons to get inspiration.

I tried to make it like an Icon you would find on your computer or other technology. The spanner is a symbol used for fixing, editing and modifying and I thought it fitted better to the aesthetic of besiege than a pencil, what with the in-game basic block symbol being a nut. Also cobalt blue..

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I like that a lot!

But I want to ask you for another version.

Instead of the icon that looks like "Modifying" what about an icon that ilustrates "Add-on".

Same color for stuff.


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Colour of banner: french blue
Image: An eight-bit "P"
Distressed: Yes
Colour of image: White
Extra details: As complex or as simple as ya like! :D


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Colour of banner: Aquamarine
Image: If you can find something fitting for Algae, that would be great, but a capital A would be cool too :)
Distressed: Yes
Colour of image: White
Extra details: Maybe mix Algae and A together? Take as long as you want, I'm not in a hurry

Thanks in advance!

If I use it, I'll credit you :) (I have a small YouTube Channel)


i want this in a red banner
or the halberdier(the ones in midlands patrol NOT the trumpet dudes)in a blue background
use colors if you can please but if its too hard you don't have to i don't want to exhaust you
if its too hard just draw their battle axe with white in a pertain blue background
take your time I'm not in a hurry

Pxl I wasn't sure how to make a eight-bit P more complicated but I did see room for an x & l so I made two versions.

Algae I made 2 versions of this one as well. On the second one I flipped the colours slightly because otherwise it looked like soap :/

displayter I'll give it a go the only problem I see is that the banners are so tiny that it might be too complex to be able to see it properly

<This was just a mock up of the simplest idea and its too complex and small to come out right.

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