Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by Newentity, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. FBSoldier

    FBSoldier New Member

    Thanks a lot! See you next year :)
  2. Newentity

    Newentity New Member








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  3. Newentity

    Newentity New Member

  4. Falloree

    Falloree New Member

    So you're back? If it's not too much of a bother, I would like one too.

    Color of banner: Darkish red
    Image: A simplified version of my current knight guy
    Distressed: No
    Color of Image: White
  5. Neutex

    Neutex Member



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  6. Navinate

    Navinate New Member

    I know this is closed, but if its ever open again:

    Colour of banner: Lime Green
    Image: An "N"
    Distressed: Yes
    Colour of image: white
    Extra details: The "N" looks like it was cut by a sword slash

    Thanks for your work to the community Newentity!
  7. HaxGamerr

    HaxGamerr New Member

    Could someone make one for me?
    Colour of banner: Forest Green
    Colour of image: Black with red eyes
    Extra details: Thanks in advance, possibly!
  8. Shoe_Eater

    Shoe_Eater Member

    Profile picture

    Colour of banner: blue(s)
    Image: cat in a shoe
    Distressed: Yes/No
    Colour of image: green(s)
    Extra details:
  9. the red glow

    the red glow New Member

    thank you neutex finelly i can write here

    VERTIGO Member

    Please make one for me if its open again

    Colour of banner: cyan(s)
    Image: ak-47 with gear
    Distressed: no
    Color of image: white(s)

    Sorry if it kind of copying someone banner,
    I've run out of idea about banner
  11. TheSwedishEngineer

    TheSwedishEngineer New Member

    Plz when you come back or some1 i would like a profile pic

    Colour: The swedish flag like fnom
    image:[​IMG] [​IMG] a mix between these 2 with the wrench in the middle and nut around it
    distressed: Yes
    colour of image:Black

    Also Newentity your work is awesome
  12. Colour of banner: Jet Black
    Image:Regular Banner with a Helicopter in the middle, and a cog around it please.
    Distressed: No
    Colour of image: helicopter is white, cog is darkish grey, in the middle of jet black and white.
    Extra details:

    Signature The Spooder Engineer

    size: Enough to fit a discord profile picture and the spiderling profile picture.
    Image:already stated
    Text: it should say Yee right above the Cog that is around the helicopter
    Extra Details: none
  13. Beastly

    Beastly New Member

    Colour of banner: Maroon (Brownish red)
    Image: Sword pointing downwards, circular pommel please, The sword should be split in half like it is shredded.
    Distressed: no
    Colour of image: Sword is stainless steel grey, the hilt is gold, the pommel is Azure blue.
    Extra details: The spikes on the sides of the banner are enlarged to create spikes parallel to the sides of the banner so that instead of equilateral triangles, you have isosceles triangles on the end. only the bottom point of the triangles should be moved, past the bottom of the square part of the banner. a bit like a halo sword with a banner in the middle.
    size: Generic profile picture size.


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