Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Get your very own banner for your profile picture.


Pretty simple really just copy and paste the form bellow and fill it out.

Profile picture

Colour of banner:
Distressed: Yes/No
Colour of image:
Extra details:


size: (example size is 300x150 pixels)
Extra Details:

I'll get around to making them as soon as I can.

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I can try and create a silhouette of it or if you want, or I can try just putting it in the middle of the banner?

Perhaps one of each to see how they turn out and which you prefer?

I'll give it a try after work tomorrow and let you know.
I think that I know what I want now:

Colour of banner: Violet/ Purple
Image: original banner (tha games one)
Colour of image: White
Extra details: I don't know if it's possible but could you have it to look corrupted and broken?
I'll include some examples below
Profile picture

Colour of banner: purple
Image: you choose an awesome image for me
Colour of image: white
Extra details: a bit of a glitchy effect too please
I was just making some that better related to the game. Like the one i'm currently using, was working on one with a farmers hat and scythe and maybe some chickens and sheep later.