General Discussion and Experimentation

This thread is a place for the general discussion of flying machines in Besiege.
  • Ask questions
  • Share discoveries
  • Post incomplete or experimental creations
  • Give and receive helpful feedback
  • Work together to make the best flying machines possible

Try to keep the screenshots reasonably small and GIFs to a minimum to reduce loading times. If you want to share a really cool creation with lots of screenshots and GIFs, make a new thread and post a link to it here.

Flying machines can be some of the most difficult to make and master in besiege. Hopefully this thread will be helpful to aspiring pilots and master engineers alike.
Halo! I just wanna simply link my thread here so if anybody interested, ya'll can check it out! ;)

Will be posting multiple copter designs, some inspired by others and some I did on my own~
I have some issues with dual-copter design (like avatar's gunship), so if anybody has some experiments on that, I want to learn if I may :3

Thanks anyways~ cheers!

Vandom said:
Sabrecon here is a quick little dual copter experiment so it has no real polish.
Pitch up/down
Roll left/right
Yaw 4/6
Hover 5
Ascend 5+8
Descend 5+2
I'll take a look at it! Thanks!

Zynek said:
In case somebody is struggling with flight stability, here is an example of simple model you can use.
That is a nice little design there! But the baloons. Hmm. Idk if I like those fluffy round things xD thanks anyways!
baloons is pretty good for stabilizing, though it make the copter look rather ugly

Here is something I cooked up. Fully tuned and stabilized

z/x : acsend descend
arrow key : movement

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