GDI V-35 Ox --- C&C3 Tiberium Wars


I was so bored I futher asked Shadé if there's anything I can build for the video. I chose the transport VTOL plane V-35 Ox, and of course something it can carry, the Guardian APC.
The Plane is stable and easy to fly. Like the Orca, I took many details from concept arts instead of the low-poly in-game model.

318 blocks (flies in 100% time scale)
Stable (balloon fakopter)


  • Flight:
  • R T Y
  • F G H --- fly around
  • L-Ctrl --- unpin and start engine
  • X Z --- elevation

    Cams & Functions:
  • 1 2 3 --- cameras
  • 4 --- grabbing camera
  • N M --- adjust lift to carry cargo
  • B --- hold to drop cargo & cancel extra lift

You'll want to load other machines for the Ox to carry:
Import Other Machines:
1. Get Modloader[].
2. Get TGYD's Building Tools[].
3. Load Ox.
4. Find the cargo machine in the load machine page, click on the import icon to load your cargo.
5. Move your cargo to not intersect the Ox, and deselct.
6. Check the machines' control keys are not overlapping, then you're good to go.

building time lapse

Available at: