Gaxx Tower Defense Level 1: Sky Pirates

"Sky Pirates have been spotted over the peasant village! Shoot them down before they destroy the tower or escape over the hills."

Mini game
Win condition: Destroy the pirate ship. It's considered destroyed when it stops shooting.
Lose condition A: Center tower is destroyed
Lose condition B: Pirate ship escapes over the hills.

How to play:
1. Download the file (gaxxtd1.bsg)
2. Load gaxxtd1.bsg in the sandbox map.
3. Use "TGYD building tools" or other mod that allows you to load multiple creations. Import your own machine to fight the pirates.
4. Make sure infinite ammo is enabled.

Designed to be played with "explosive cannonballs" mod. Can be played without, but will lag.

EDIT: Some cannons on the pirate ship were accidentally left on the C key. Pressing the C key will disrupt the pirates automation.


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