Game not launching for me (linux)


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Hi, I'm on linux and when I try to launch besiege it flashes "syncing" and then "running" status in steam but then it doesn't launch and the "running" status disappears. It used to be working a few days ago just fine and I've had it for a while but now it doesn't want to launch. I tried re-installing it, restarting my computer, checking for this bug elsewhere (which I have found but with no success on the solutions), looking through the files, and clearing the steam download cache. Changing the resolution ddin't work either and I have 2 terrabytes of space and 6 gigs of memory. Is there a fix for this bug?
I'm using the latest version of besiege that's on steam. I also couldn't find the output_log.txt file under .steam/steam/steamapps/common/Besiege/Besiege_Data
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On Linux, the log is located in ~/.config/unity3d/Spiderling Games/Besiege/Player.log.
Could you upload that file?


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It looks like Unity is having issues initializing the window. This has happened for other Unity games as well for Linux users, this KSP forum post summarizes the possible solutions quite well. Hope this helps.

(Edit: the text "this KSP forum post" is actually a link, even if it's not visisble in the dark theme)