Game Breaking Bug


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OS: Windows 10 - Ver. 21H1 - Build:19043.1826
Specs: CPU - Intel 11700k, GPU - RTX 3070ti, RAM Cap - 64GB, RAM Freq - 3200Mhz
Game Version: v1.20-17395

Bug: Modify UI for camera Block

Video of bug happening:

I loaded up one of my machines with about 280 parts, keep in mind that some parts were scaled but the bug still happens with no mods enabled. I haven't done much testing but from what I have found to recreate the bug you may need my machine which is attached with the name "Gunner5."

Recreation Steps:
- Load up my machine
- Modify one of the camera blocks
- Without closing the modify UI start the simulation
- Embrace Pain by pressing F in sim

Summary of everything that happens:
Once you enter Simulation Mode with the Modify UI open modifying one of the cameras on my machine, your FPS will be capped to 60 even if you have it capped to 30 or unlimited and you will not be able to re-enter build mode, you will also notice once you look through one of the cameras by pressing F, there will be a black sphere that seems to be partially covering the front bit of the camera block visual.

If anybody can help fix the issue or help get the attention of the devs it would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Edit: I found that it seems to happen when editing small powered wheels as well which probably means that it happens with most blocks that take inputs.


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