Fully Functional Clock

Well. Technically it's fully functional. The second hand spins at an average of exactly 1/12th the rate of the minute hand, which spins at an average of exactly 1/60th the rate of the second hand. The fact that trying to read the time at any specific instant is wildly inaccurate is unimportant, right?

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clock .bsg


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Well, now we have that
we could edit the .bsg file and reduce the speed of the drive gears down even farther. In the save file I believe the number for sliders goes 8 places behind the decimal instead of 2
if you manually input the number in game then you can go down 8 places; it will "snap back" to .01 or 0 but it actually records the other value.
:) lol nice....probably much more efficient using a fixed drive gear than that jalopy of a contraption that I tagged you in when I hinted at a clock before.