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Here's a list of frequently asked questions about besiege, I will update it over time:

Q: Does Besiege have Multiplayer and/or a level editor?
A: Yes! The game now has both! Please keep in mind however that Besiege's Multiplayer was created for playing with your friends and there is no public server browser.
Q: Do you have an update schedule?
A: Normally we aim to get an update out at least every 4 weeks or so, but sometimes things take a bit longer.
Q: Will The Price of Besiege Increase Over Time?
A: Yes the price will increase over time, the idea is to scale the price with the amount of content. We will only increase the price when there is enough content of a sufficient quality to justify it.
Q: If I buy the alpha will I get a copy of the finished game or will I have to buy it?
A: Yes, if you purchase the alpha version of the game you will receive free updates and a copy of the finished game!
Q: I've purchased the game from your site but I haven't got my copy!
A: Most of the time this is caused by Humble sending your copy to an older e-mail of yours. If you have a copy of your receipt, the paypal transaction ID beginning with X or access to the e-mail you used then you can contact us at and we should be able to help. If you don't have access to this information then you will need to contact the Humblestore and see if they can help.
Q: My games not working, HELP!!!
A: Your first stop should be the support section of our forums, lots of issues have already been reported there and fixes have been found to some of these issues. You can also check this post: for common bugs with fixes.
If you can't find your issue listed anywhere then you should post your own bug report and we'll try to help you as soon as we can, you can also contact us at
Q: How do I install people's machines?
Steam A: You can download other user's creations through the steam workshop.
Simple click the load button in game, then select the Steam icon towards the top and then browse for workshop creations. Sometimes the machines aren't downloaded instantly and may require you to refresh the list or restart the game.

Non-Steam A: If you're using a DRM free version of the game (ie non-steam), then you will have to add other user's machines manually. You can download people's machine files from various websites in a .bsg file format. Then all you need to do is copy the .bsg files into your "saved machines" folder inside the Besiege installation directory. You don't even need to close the game!
Q: Where can I download machines?
A: Unfortunately we don't have a complete list of download websites but here are a few:
Besiege Official Forums -
Besiege Downloads -
Besiege Files -
Game Banana -
Reddit -
Q: Where can I download mods?
A: Here is a complete list of mods, their requirements and download links:
Most mods require the use of a mod loader which can also be found on the above page.
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You forgot "When will MultiMod update?" :p