Forum Guide: Making your own Personal Besiege Banner [Re-made]

Have you ever thought like, you can make your banner by yourself, rather than making certain person do it for you,
Well here's a guide that can teach you to make your own goddamn banner

It's easy and would only takes you between 10 to 20 minutes

Follow this preparation steps first

1.Start by downloading the empty banner in the attachment below

2.Then download the image you want from as the second image HINT: Try downloading a silhouette, it will be easier to modify
Like this Poop emoji for example

3.Open your image editing application, Since i'm too poor to buy photoshop, i'll recommend this free photoshopping site (Pixlr)

Now that you have all of the ingredient and tools, let's start with the recipe.... i mean procedure.
  1. Chose File > Then open an image that is the empty banner and make sure it's stays in .png format
  2. To change the banner colour click on the Adjustment > Then pick Hue & Saturation move the slider (until you got the colour you like)
  3. Now Click Layer > Then open the second image as layer, make sure it's also in .Png
  4. If your second image is not transparent, use the wand tool to delete it's background
  5. Still in the second image, use the Hue & Saturation and slide the lightness to white or black (depend on your likeness)
  6. Use the Free Transform tool from the Edit tab to scale the second image to the desired size, Hold shift while doing this so the image can scale proportionally
  7. Use this Brushes/Eraser

    to make the cool fractured effects on the second image
  8. Now that you're done with editing "merge down" your image together with the banner.
  9. Lastly change the image size to 100x100 pixels
The finished banner should looks similar to this

Now that you're done Save on .png format for your image then upload it as your profile picture


Q: How to do xxxxx I'm using GIMP
A: Just don't, I don't know how to use gimp

Q: My image still has this white background thingy
A: Did you remember to scale it to 100x100 pixel, and saved it in .png

Q: Can i request for personally made banner
A: NO....... You should ask Newentity instead

Feel free to ask and consult me

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This one looks pretty much like the old one but for some reason bettter!
And the poop is still here too, I noticed. :D

But wasn't the name New[bold]e[/bold]ntity?
"Entity" not "Ventity"?


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animeseige said:
When you click on it with the wand, What do you press after that?
The background of the image


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Sgt_Pugsly said:
Managed to throw together my own one, using a banner, color, some determination and a pencil
EDIT: great the white background of death
I think this problem has something to do with having to scale the image, try uploading the image in the exact size that the forum needs.