FOR THE PEOPLE-Comment your Ideas

This isn't a vehicle, YET! I decided I wanted to make some people happy since I'm new, maybe get some friends, idk haha; but point is I wanted to take suggestions for what someone wanted me to build that no one else has, or atleast built that you can find, for those people who aren't great at building, or just certain aspects; I'll fiddle around and try to get the build done as best I can, then throw up a page and get you to it, if anyone wants to collaborate we can shoot the .bsg files back and forth and edit it together; Basically this is an advertisement for Ideas on what to build and/or a group project; Comment what cha think ~Purpleblob123
I'm not sure what you mean by a sub that goes through the air like water; a human arm would be really simple its just a "steering" and a sterring join for the shoulder, sterring joint for the elbow, and the same for fingers; I' work on the stable arm/crane though :)
The steering on the crane is a genius idea and is actually quite stable, the crane arm is a great thing too, right now im trying to make a bipedal walker along with a four legged and spider type walker and ideas on those would be greatly appreciated
walkers arent really my forte... but ill try to make somethin :) I'd say do the bipedal walker last due to simply how hard it would be to balance it. 4 legged is quite easy in theory... ill try to come up with somethin real quick and send you it I have an idea in mind.... a spider walker... I'm lost on that one mate sorry I haven't gone that in depth yet :/