Flying Tank Mk II

Morning people! I'm just here to post the Mk II of my flying tank design, the concept design I posted a while ago didn't fly, but at least I tried. The Mk II features a fix with flying! And thanks to unity 5, it works well! ... With a good pilot of course, something I'm not particularly good at. Anyway point is that it looks better, performs better, transforms better, and drives better! Also features cannons! A similarity between Mk II and Mk I is that their both quad copters! So if your a good quad copter pilot, you'll enjoy this!

Have a nice day, and be sure to read the information below!


Arrow Keys - Movement
Num (8) - Front Cannon
Num (2) - Rear Cannon

Num (5) - Main Propellers
Num (4) - Front Left
Num (6) - Front Right
Num (1) - Rear Left
Num (3) - Rear Right
Num (8) - Front Cannon
Num (2) - Rear Cannon
Num (7) - Left Cannons
Num (9) - Right Cannons

Ground To Air:
Hold 'E' for a second or to,
Tap 'J' to release extra weight (landing gear)
Refer to 'Air' controls.


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Flying Tank Mk II.bsg
do the wings have any practical purpose or are they just for the looks. It seems like they might hinder the flying by increasing the hight of the center of mass
Yeah the wings are just for looks, however you can modify the design to your liking, so it is more practical and functions better as a quad-copter overall.

Have a nice day! :)