Flying Tank Concept Design

Hi guys! Today I am here to present a (somewhat) flying tank! I have not been able to figure out how to get this thing into the air for the life of me, but the tracks and other aspects of the tank work almost flawlessly! But I ask for some help however, how do I get it to lift off? I've tried adding turbos to the propellers, adding more propellers, changing the weight, but nothing I've done will get this thing off the ground!

Note: Use Invincibility mode.

'R': Tighten Tracks
Arrow keys: Movement
'Left Arrow': Turn Left
'Right Arrow': Turn Right
'Num 8': Fly (engage propellers)
'Num 5': Boost Propellers
'Num 7': Tilt Forward + Left
'Num 9': Tilt Forward + Right
'Num 4': Tilt Backwards + Left
'Num 6': Tilt Backwards + Right
Ground To Air Transformation:
Press 'R' To tighten tracks,
Press and hold 'E' for a second or too to transform,
Press 'J' When airborne to eject hoists,
Use air controls provided above.
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Flying Tank Mk I.bsg


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You could try putting balloons on it.
You don't have to mention me in my own post, I get 2 notifications XD
Well, When besiege crashed for the 3rd time the .bsg got corrupted and I wasn't able to load it anymore or the would crash so...
I can try do it again if you want, but it's not much really. Just gotta put a ballast with flying blocks everywhere far behind for the controls and 2 on the front with wheels and aerodynamic propellers on them to get a bit of speed, then you throw a bunch a water cannons pointing fowards and it's done!
You gotta make sure the COM doesn't change too much though.
Got it?