Flying Airship Plane carrier


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Ah, Okay. Thanks, it was my first upload, but im glad u liked it. Sry for not giving u the controlls, i just thought about it right after i posted it, but i will do it now :)

[up] go higher (pretty slow)
[down] go lower ( just a but faster)
[right/left] pull in/out landing help
[Num8] lean forward
[Num5] lean backward
[Num4/6] lean left/right
[Num7/9] turn left/right
top: first salve: H+1
secound salve: H+2
Mind that u have to press H just short and can controll the range of the planes with the numbers.
lower: first salve: j+3
secound sale: k+4
Bombs: 8/9 (drops each 4 bombs)

I hope this helps out. i might upload the next version in the next days, when i have enough time to improve it, so stay tuned.