Flipping Cogs

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  1. svetli97

    svetli97 Member

    There is no reason why we can't flip cogs. It is a very simple change in the code. Please do that.

    Besiege 07.08.2017 - Besiege 07.08.2017 -
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  2. Monty

    Monty New Member

    Very yes, we need this. I'm not sure it's that "simple", though. Gears right now are completely symmetric, so "flipping" does nothing.

    They could fix this with nine or ten teeth gears, maybe.
  3. svetli97

    svetli97 Member

    they are not exactly symmetrical. The main coordinate axes bisect the angle between a peak and a trench on the gear which allows you to connect them when they are on the same side of a surface but prevents them from being placed when on opposite sides (as seen in the images). Currently the only way to do this is by putting a freely rotating block on top of one of the gears and making sure nothing touches the other side of the cog but that only works when there is only one cog connected to that block and doesn't allow you to attach cogs to other cogs this way directly.

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