Flaming Ball Wheels


Using hinges and half pipes I was able to hold flaming balls in place. This allows my motor bike to roll around on them while also providing heat to turn the water cannons into steam power.

Hold [1] until the middle section raises just off the ground, you can use [2] to go back down.
Arrow keys to control, hold both the directional keys to boost forward. no room for a reverse.

Link to besiege downloads page: http://www.besiegedownloads.com/machine.php?id=20959

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I'm always interested in novel ways to propel vehicles, and this one is especially cool. It reminds me of Ghost Rider!
It's actually a lot harder than it looks to keep those balls where u want them, they're always popping out :p. So I'm just glad it looked half decent because there wasn't much room for details with the weight it needed to be.
Sadly any cannons would be too heavy and fire instantly because of all of the fire :( You can still ride over peasants and knights setting them on fire though :D