First-person Cockpits (Updated 01/11/15!) [Spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Block Loader]

I am getting an error in the console the says "NullReferenceExcpetion: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Please help I can't use the block I want to load and I don't know what this means.
Have you updated to the newest framework?
If the problem persists after that conversion contact me again, then there might be a scenario I didn't properly account for. As of now I do not think that is the case though.

Edit: It seems it's not a BlockLoader issue or a Block issue, but rather a human error as always, I forgot to add the GhostCollider section of the template.
Is not working for me.... BlockLoader 'Button' doesn't appear after adding this block. It seems that the dll file is from 09.09. Can you check this please?


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This is the mod that I really wanted! This is so great. I finally made this attack helicopter with your mode.

Btw, I have some ideas.

1. Camera block : Just same as other cockpits but it looks like square camera. It will be useful if someone is making unmanned vehicle things.

2. Color cockpits: More color cockpits that matches color with other nearby blocks, such as ballasts; ballasts are gray.

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Hello, i love your mod and i found a way to edit the .obj model to a tie fighter ripped from star wars battlefront 2 :D

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Venhip and TheGuysYouDispise, i made a new cockpit version with a gun turret. But Im new here so how can i start a blog and put the download with it?


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Do you mean thread or post? For both just click the button to the left of the A to attach a download
ITR, i just clicked the paper with the clip in it and chose a .zip file and then it loads for 30 seconds, and then I see: error load image.


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And you click the ''Upload Attachments'' button?
Which web-browser are you using?
Yup, i cricket choose attachments button but then i see this:
I normally use safari because I have a mac, but when i try it with chrome I have the same problem.
Oops, i accidentally showed the picture under..


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Hmm, weird. Does it work if you do it on a new post without an album?