First-person Cockpits (Updated 01/11/15!) [Spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Block Loader]


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TekmastR's idea sounds really crazy but also really awesome.

I'm very interested to see if you can pull this off Venhip.


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Great mod, but would it be possible to do that the camera can be fixed? because when I now drive a curve I look at the cockpits wall if I dont rotate the camera myself.
*quiet party poppers in the background*

The mod is now updated! Its much easier to use and less buggy, too! No more should it break cameras, or destroy lives!
So thats good... I guess...!
Anyway, go forth with your pitching and rolling camera, and wreak havoc with your aircraft and land-vehicles! May the power of the cockpit be with you!


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Shade said:
Now that it can roll, flying become even much funner! It's also nice that this mod doesn't need the fixed rotation camera mod
but I see something weird lol:

I'm guessing venhip forgot to make it unable to see the GUI :p
Yep! You can see the menu through the ground :p This is something I can fix, but I haven't got around to doing it yet- Since it barely interferes theres other things I want to do before I polish it to that point lol. I'm glad you're enjoying, though!
Yep x3 As I said, Its something I can do and I did get the layer the GUI is on at some point, I just havent gotten around to it. I'll update it tonight, with no GUI, since you all hark on about it ;)
Aw, thanks! :D < 3 (I have to space it out because hearts don't show for some reason :c) I'm glad you enjoy it! I already have the next stages in the works, including a reticle for the fighter cockpit, as well as the stats/condition of your machine showing when you're in the cockpit!
That'd be funny! A Besiege mod for KSP that introduces all of the blocks from Besiege into it xD Getting into low orbit with some Da Vinci spirals? :p
Can you make it so that there can be more than one active cockpit and you can switch between them, like with number keys or whatever? I'm loving this mod but being able to switch between multiple cockpits would make it even better
I have something in mind to add this! Theres no code for it as of yet but sooooooon~! (Though I'm currently working on a different mod, I do intend to come back and revisit this for bits like that)