First-person Cockpits (Updated 01/11/15!) [Spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Block Loader]

Ever wanted to experience Besiege from a different perspective? Ever wanted to actually drive your creations? Now you can with...!

Cockpits (Now with 95% less bugs)!
This mod adds cockpits to the game. These currently come in two forms: The normal cockpit and the 'fighter' cockpit. They move the camera's perspective to where the block is placed, and allow you to look around inside. This provides a fresh perspective!
Other Features:

  • The ability to toggle between first and third person view while playing!
  • A slider, allowing a custom field of view!
  • Puppies and Kittens! (not really)
  • The ability to use cockpits for decoration!
  • Horrendous amounts of cocaine! (again, not really)
Block IDs: 602, 603 (IDs 604-610 planned)
Spaar's Modloader BETA, which can be found here.
TGYD's Blockloader, which can be found here.

Have some pictures:

I may add more types of cockpits as per suggestions!
  • Currently there is a 2x2x2 cockpit planned as a sort of 'cab' - stuChris
Known Bugs:
  • Due to a possible issue with Besiege when you edit the settings of the cockpits you have to press Space 3 times to make them take effect. Sorry, I can't help this!
  • This is less of a bug more of a consideration- If you have two or more cockpits on the machine that are enabled it won't show any of them. Only one can be active at once.
Install Instructions:
Extract the contents of the zip to the 'Mods' folder created by Spaar's Modloader.
This should be found at: '
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\ Mods'


In case you're dubious about the download url, its just because I couldn't upload the zip to the site. Its just a quick filesharing site I use, feel free to check out the site before clicking if you want!


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Pictures aren't showing for me, can you try using


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Can see them now, thanks :3
I know I can add it as an attachment but it was failing every time I tried to upload it. The next easiest thing was a link :p


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Is it possible that the camera "rolls''? It seems that the camera is always paralel to the horizon line.
I can't use it on my planes since they turn by performing banking turns.
I'm re-writing this code from scratch and its going to feature rolling cameras. Limitations with my old code made that impossible, but it should be alright soon. :)
Im glad you have it working :) Look for a new update soon that will make it work properly lol, and please reply to the last post you made, in future, if you want to comment on the same subject :p
Is it possible to make advanced cockpits? They have metal frames, glass, and a dashboard to show the status of your vehicle (E.g nearby fire detector, cockpit velocity etc...)
I was considering creating a cockpit with readouts. I thought with the Standard cockpit this could include things such as forwards and backwards speed, perhaps a mini-map-esque display and, I've only came up with the idea and haven't figured it out yet, but maybe a display of all the weapons equipped and their status. With an 'advanced' fighter cockpit I was considering having an altitude display, pitch from horizon display, speed and roll. I planned on replacing the basic ones when I come back to this mod soon.
What i've truly wanted in Besiege (Yet this might be near to impossible in terms of coding) Is to be able to select a group of blocks to make it into one "module". This module can be linked to a display that shows the status of All modules (rotors, engines etc..) and displays its power output (depending on what type of energy it uses: Rpm, thrust velocity etc..) and its condition, which goes from: Good, Fine, OK, Damaged, Unstable, Critical (for severe cases and fire). But I know very well that this has no convinient way to be done :( .
Hm... Leave it to me, thats actually a pretty awesome idea, and at a mental glance, I think I know how I'd do it. I'd probably have it display on the HUD, mostly because having so many things display physically might be taxing and take a lot of effort to program. It'd likely have to be the entire machine which is monitored, but I think I can do it! ;) Be patient though
You could have the players manually configure the modules and decide what parts are vital or not, so when they are lost, the mod system decides the overall condition of the module.