Fighter with Twin Missiles

Fighter with Twin Missiles

The controls on this one are pretty simple. You can use one hand to control the fighter, while the other hand controls the mouse/camera.

Numpad 5: Accelerate/Lift
Numpad 4: Turn Left
Numpad 6: Turn Right
Numpad 8: Pull Down
Numpad 2: Pull Up
Numpad 1: Fire Left Missile
Numpad 3: Fire Right Missile

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So I put some of your missiles on to my plane....

I just updated the thread with the BSG of a new and improved fighter. It now has two missiles, and can take off and land with or without the missiles. The missile(s) are no longer wobbly. When a missile is fired on one side, a decoupler drops a heavy ballast on the other side to keep the fighter balanced. The controls in general have much more power.

I updated the video in my first post to show the new model.

It still fits inside the box. Enjoy!
If you pull up or pull down they can be fired at an angle. I have pulled up and shot a missile nearly straight up by stalling, but pulling straight down and firing is nearly impossible to recover from. The bomb is attached to the missile by a grabber. The easiest way to fire it straight down would be the press V and detach the bomb from the missile, dropping it like a normal bomb. I had not planned on firing straight down :p

Maybe I'll add steering to do that if it doesn't weigh the craft down too much.
i´m asking because i´m thinking of arming my new project (the prototype battlecruiser) with a few missiles it would require them to be able to be fired straight upwards and be fully steerable with as few keys as possible.
if that could be achieved it would be awesome