Fastest land vehicle challenge w Different categories

Did you use the no bounds mod? (please write it down when you send entries)

Anyways nice car! I wish a day I learn how to make those big wheels with the multimod.
Engines are hard to get to work at high speeds, I can assure this (I try often making some high-speed cog-engines driven cars. And of course I fail.. Because I haven't got any gearbox. A good player, that have an entry with a gearbox, I think he will always win. The problem is making one.
You seem to have completely missed the point of my post - if anyone enters a steam-cannon-engine vehicle in the contest, it will be impossible to be sure that it isn't benefiting from the 'scramjet' effect, which is clearly against the spirit of the rules.
ITAsimo456 I did not use No Bounds. It is not needed in this machine. The inner and outer wheels are all set to 2x max. Making the wheels is quite easy. I will try to do a quick tutorial for you.


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he means if we can use springs to create movement.
I guess it depends, but remember that the vehicle must stay on the ground and can't be propelled by external forces (glitches included)


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That's the smallest value in an int, so probably some bug in the mod :p