F-15 ACTIVE - Technology Demonstrator Jet


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This one was based on the F-15 made by CCCanyon on besiegedownloads

Thanks MaxTCC for creating the screenshots.

CCCanyon creation is excellent, can create accurate proportion of real jets, and most of it has three rotation axis. I learned many things from CCCanyon machines especially how to rotate blocks properly to match the real craft.

I made this based on CCCanyon F-15 design. I add some gliding capability, add more cosmetics and cannards so it become F-15 ACTIVE or also known as F-15 STOL/MTD.

First time I use this craft in H.A.W.X., I simply amazed by its stupidly beyond awesome acrobatic maneuvres, enhanced by thrust vectoring and cool-ass cannards.

Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate: Z

Download on workshop

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