Extended Building

Hello to everyone!
First of all, i wanted to say, i love Besiege and my english sucks, but whatever.

What im here for is, is the realease of Besiege-Multiverse brought us the feature of editing Map-Things,.. (Scale, Position,..) and this overall design looks like the mods for the previous version.

So the thing is, it would be great if the Map-Modify option would be useable for the normal creations like moving blocks, scaling... (Like with NoScale,... -Mods)

The good things behind that are, that everyone could use this option, so the mods wouldnt be necessary for really complex buildings, on the same hand is the problem with bugged-moding fixed, like the saving of vehicles, buged overlay,...

Just got the idea while ragin' about a other game.

-Thanks for your attemption!
I hope, this post is understandable for everyone.