Exponential speed gone ?

since two days, any turbine i make is capped to 190m/s.

I got model of planes in store than can go way faster with the same turbine.

I can't make a newly made turbine run faster than 190m/s

I have noticed the issue on two pc's (one on 7, one on 10) and i got same issue.

as i'm using the same modlist in both pc, it can be related to mods.

have you noticed anything ?


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if you are using rotating propeller to generate thrust, there is a cap because eventually the plane velocity can't go higher than the velocity of the propellers.
try using uncapped source of thrust like flying block or negative water cannon.
I did more testing.

any older craft i saved isn't affected.

any new craft i make is affected.
I reinstalled the game, reinstalled the mods.

tested with and without mods.

No way to have constant acceleration anymore. Any engine made have a cap and won't go over.

good by lightspeed :(