Exploding issue with grabbers

I have been having a very ennoying issue with machines using grabbers lately.

When it happens:
The machines use grabbers to hold things in place and function as the structure of the machine. (Pretty strong structures)

When forces are applied to the grabbers or the rest of the structure, the grabbers tend to bend and jump back like a spring or an elastic. But when the forces applied get bigger everything doesnt just jump back but it explodes very violently:

This machine has a rotating drum built with grabbers which hold the panels:

when the drum hits the mountains or something hard it bends very far.

It explodes (Extremely fast, I managed to capture this image by running at 1% speed and stopping the simulation at the time it explodes)

The game bugs out (The camera tries to keep the centre of all blocks but everything flies all over the place, so does the camera)

This happens with more machines and after some investigation I found out that the grabbers suddenly shoot out of the machine and then shoot back to the part they where attached to and then shoot away again and with increased speed en violence everytime they do it. Like exponential increase in energy.

It happens most often when grabbers take shear loads, sometimes even very small load.

This issue also apears on unmodded machines

A detailed view of the inside of the structure:


Is this possibly fixable?

I use grabbers a lot and the exploding happens quite often and is the easiest reproducable with this build. There are other ways of building but the grabbers create the strongest joint.