Exploding Cannonball And Arrow Aftereffect Mod[V0.45a][V0.4.0]

Hi, what does the new "Arrow mod" do, and what is it? Thanks. Also is the maximum of 62 arrows have to be maxed so the game doesnt do something wrong or was it put as a limit intentionally? thanks again
Maybe to make more realistic artillery shells, add an option so that when the shell explodes, it sprays fragments everywhere and make them disappear after like a second or 2.
hi i ask for you to recereate this for the updated besiege and put on workshop as mods? its ok if its only singleplayer, i just hope it has all the settings like the grenade nad bomb settings and ability to change the cannonball speed, power, etc, this was a really cool mod and i hope someone revives it, it was fun to blow up tanks or shoot it at a robot or a giant person, even if its just singleplayer :D