Is there anyway to make mod that can add random mutation to a machine such as a bipedal flyer or quadruped creation so that it could do a particular task better?
We already have the tools to simulate muscles and joints in the game
If we use some kind of advance automatron mod which will save the improvements ie STABILITY WHILE MOVING ,and some kind of evolution program in a mode that could maybe be a thing


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It's possible, but would probably be pretty slow if you can't multi-task it
You'd have to make a program that can add, scale, move or remove random blocks from a bot and also tweak slider values. Then you'd have to generate 1000 bots, have those bots complete a certain, measurable task such as "get as far away as possible in 5 seconds" and then sort them by how well they performed the task. Then eliminate 500 bots semi-randomly, with the better ones more likely to survive, and generate 500 new mutations from the survivors. Repeat until one dominat species emerges. There's a youtube series on this topic.