Enemy suggestions.

Gonna have to rewrite everything because the server crashed for some reason and I lost all of my work.

Anyways, I think there should be more than just knights and angry peasants in the next island. They would add more challenge and machine variety.


Mages would look like hooded figures, kindof like the monks on Tolbrynd. They would have a magic "bubble" surrounding them. This protection would deflect projectiles such as cannonballs and and thrown blocks. You would have to kill them with a explosions or melee weapons attached to your vehicle. For attack, they would spawn a red circle around your machine. The circle would slowly shrink down and when its a single dot, whatever is on it will be hit by a fireball coming from the sky. It can be a serious threat if your vehicle doesn't have great mobility or isn't resistant to fire and explosions.


They would look similar to mages and priests but with darker robes. They would only be dangerous if they're with other enemies, they would act more like support NPC's and wouldn't be seen much, maybe max 1-3 per level. They would run away from the player and look for corpses. When they have found one in a safe spot, they will turn it into a skeleton, an enemy using the "angry peasant" AI, wich mean it would charge the player without backing off to safety. Wouldn't rip wood to shreds though. The necromancer will repeat this process until it cannot find bodies. When dying, it would vanish in a puff of smoke.


You'd find them sleeping on the ground. When you or an entity would get close to them, they would wake up. The ogre would be a slow but powerful creature. It would kill any NPC in its way and use their bodies, rocks and trees as a projectile to launch at your vehicle. When in close range, they would smash you at a force that would break even metal. They could be killed with spike balls, rocks, othe rheavy artillery or being curshed between blocks.

Thats all I've got for the moment, I'll add more when I feel like it. Don't hesitate give feedback and maybe post your own ideas!