Empty Map [Besiege v0.09+/-][spaar`s mod loader v0.1.3+]

Hey there!

This mod might be useful for some people. If you install the spaar's Mod Loader and copy the Empty_Map.dll in your Mods file, a new (huge) button should appear in your main menu.
If you click it, it loads the first level for you. Important: If the level is loaded press "R" on your keyboard to remove all objects (except the objective marker).
It's no big mod but since there is no map editor right now I thought some people could need it.

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Oh, nice, I was thinking of making something like this myself. Glad I won't have to XD
Not sure if anyone else has this bug, but normally (without any mods / just the loader) I get a constant 60fps+ although, with this mod when I clear the map and preass play my fps drops to an average of 20. This is the only mod I have in the folder so running with other mods isn't the problem. Is this a known bug or is there some other problem?