Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity (So we can screw around with physics in Besiege further)

It's simple. Things with more mass should have gravity and slow down time. Objects colliding with extreme masses should create gravitational waves. Objects with huge masses should bend light towards them. If you travel closer and closer to the speed of light, you should have more mass. Colors should redshift, and the more gravity you have, the frequency of light should fall.


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It's pointless.
No object is big enough to travel in a close speed of light and still visible to stationary viewers to see the redshift.
We can even travel faster than speed of light in besiege.
But that's the POINT. It would be great for newer concepts such as the moon, or interplanetary travel, or maybe modding objects.

I don't know, I just want to see the world burn.


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Besiege is written in Unity, it's not feasible to implement this, I'd believe.