Editor+ Mod (Formerly Selection Mover Mod) [Spaar`s Modloader]

Ever build a part of your machine and then wanted to move it somewhere else, or copy an army of cars? Well then this mod is for you!

Check out the code!

IMPORTANT NOTE - You CANNOT undo (Ctrl-z) actions that you perform with this mod, make sure to have backups of your machine. I am not responsible if you break your machine.

Press Ctrl-Q when hovering over a block to select it
Press Ctrl while hovering over a direction to move the selected blocks in the direction
Press Ctrl over the center sphere to clear your selection.
Use the slider to adjust how much your selection moves
Press ctrl c to duplicate your selection, then move it around like you normally would!
Press ctrl a to select all the blocks
Click on the pos1 button to store a position at the camera, and then click pos2 somewhere else, and all the blocks between those two points will be selected.
Click on the rotate to enable rotation.
Press Delete to delete your selection (Be careful not to delete your starting block)

1. Download Spaar's Modloader from this page
2. Drag the attached DLL into your mods folder

0.1 - Initial release
0.2 - Added ability to change movement step
0.3 - Added ability to change key to use while pressing control, and also allowed both right and left control to work.
0.4 - Added Copy/Paste
0.5 - Redid Positioning of arrows.
0.6 - Added Ctrl-A
0.7 - Added Pos1 and Pos2
0.8 - Some GUI changes, deletion was added, and you can rotate things
0.9 - Fixed a bug mentioned by MrMcRush where there were problems when deleting the starting block.
1.0 - Added a few features mentioned by MrMcRush.
1.1 - Added the ability to toggle the arrows on and off, to make it easier to select things.
1.2 - Updated to the new modloader
1.3 - Fixed compatibility issues with bobd132's multimod, removed support for the old modloader, and renamed to "Editor+ Mod"
1.4 - Added a scale feature


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Staff member
Does it use right ctrl or left ctrl? Do you think you could add a rebind command to it?


Staff member
TesseractCat said:
It uses left ctrl, and I'll look into adding a rebind command.
You could do something like:

spaar.Commands.RegisterCommand("RebindSelectionMov e",(args,namedArgs) => {
    if(args.Length<1) return "Missing argument!";
    keyToMove = args[0].Replace("_"," ");
    return "changed key to"+keyToMove;
},"Description of command");
You select each block individually (i.e. highlight the first one, then the second, etc., until all the blocks you want to select have been selected).


Staff member
Modded it into letting you write "Pos1" and "Pos2" into the console to save two camera positions, then "Select" to select everything between those two positions.
It seems as though the code on pastebin doesn't contain the ctrl+a part, so you'll have to add it in if you want to use this TesseractCat: http://pastebin.com/F70PVGbz

I also took the liberty to fix the coloring thingy and made it use the new version of loading mods.

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Staff member
You can just copypaste it, you just have to use BackToOriginal instead of TintIt(white)