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Hey there,

just a few days ago I started playing Besiege and it's awesome! I love how much work the developers put into the game. :)

When I was playing I found a few things that are a bit unfortunate and could be improved. Here's my list:

- The symmetry mode should also delete blocks on the other side, as well as rotate and move the other blocks. It's a bit time consuming to always delete the blocks manually.

- When I was playing with a friend, he accidentally clicked on the copy Icon on my character name, after he just finished his big crane. For some reason, he couldn't undo and lost the whole construction. Very sad. :I

- The dotted box around the building area sometimes blocks the vision a bit. Could it get transparent/invisible when the camera is close to it?

- As for the parameter tuning tool, It would be nice to select several objects of the same type and adjust their options all at once. I know there is a copy function but you still have to click a lot more often.

- An idea for another sensor. An angular speed sensor. A gyroscope.

I think that's all for now. Most of it is about convenience, I know. But I think that's also important.
You guys did a lot of work and I'm really impressed. Keep up the good work. :)


[Edit] - I forgot one point. It's cumbersome not being able to delete a selected object before the parameter window is open.
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