DuplicateHandle failed

Recently I'm getting this error A LOT. When I click on the buttons to save or load a machine, the game freezes and I have to ctrl+alt+del out of it, then I see a tiny window that says "Fatal error in gc- DuplicateHandle Failed". Usually it happens a few times and after the 7th ot 8th time restarting the game it stops happening. I don't mind it so much when it happens on load, but not being able to save my machines is infuriating as all hell.

When this happens, a gc.log file is generated and this is what it says: Last error code: 3e6

Currently playing somewhat heavily modded Besiege 0.11. This never happened to me in any of the previous versions.


Staff member
Does this happen without the mods? Have you tried to see if this happens in 0.2?