Disco War Truck


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Ok, so after going though most of the story, watching some YouTube videos for ideas, five prototypes, and lot of free time, i made this little beauty:


its very mobile, completes all but two levels in the current story line, and very destructive. Its only weakness are its wooden wheels that ketch on fire pretty easily

Driving: Fowards - left AND right arrow keys
Backwards - down arrow key
Turn Right - right arrow key
Left Turn - left arrow key
Zero Movement Turn (turn in a circle) - hold down arrow key with either left or right arrow key

Weaponry: Plow: H to extend
Cannons: Forward Facing Cannons: C (tap H and hold V for a wider shot)
Rear Facing Cannons: B
Flame Throwers: F (use T to lower left and right flame thrower, and R to retract them)
Rear Stinger: J to extend

Catapult: to use catapult, there are two different ways of throwing it. press L for a short lob, or hold K to lower suspension and then press L for a more solid, longer range throw. You can aim by using the yoke above the throwing arm.
After using the catapult, it can be detached by lifting the throwing are down, press L to swing are forwards followed by pressing O and P (in that order) to throw off throwing are and aiming yoke

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