Differential Mechanism


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Hi! This is my first post on this forum so greetings to everyone.
Today I recreated differential mechanism in Besiege on my own. And i want show it to you. What's that? You might ask. It's mechanical device that is build in every car pretty much. It allows wheels to spin with different speeds.

Here is short video presenting that in action:

Unfortunately I couldn't find good way of transmitting torque to wheels so those on back are just for look. Cogs took their job. If you have idea how to prevent that feel free to post it in the comment.
On the clip is one moment where i'm removing hotkeys from pistons. Please ignore that. Transmission shaft required metal part there. So that hotkey doesn't do anything.

What's cool about it is one small trick that I came up with. To transmit torque on the outside cogs I'm using braces hidden in the beam like that:

If you want to try it here's download link:

And that's it. I hope you like it. ^^'


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I like your sway bar. I came up with the same Idea just today. Along with independent suspension to keep all drive wheels in contact with the ground. Going to post pics and maybe a video here soon.