Development Post 18/10/2016


Staff member
Its been a while since our last post so we thought we'd bring you some more information about what we're working on at the moment!

Today we'd like to give you a sneak peak into the new island Valfross, with a look at one of the new levels that will be coming in the next update as well as a first look at the inhabitants of the frozen isle.

The new island is inhabited by a fabled, ferocious civilization of axe wielding warriors. Their holy sites and legendary fortresses have stood firm against the ice & snow throughout the ages, their monstrous armies laying waste to all before them. They stand unmatched & undefeated, in the frozen expanse that is Valfross.

In tandem with the new level production we've also been working on an improved AI system for the new civilization that you will find on the new Island. This new system allows the AI to better navigate obstacles, right themselves if they fall and gives them a slightly more strategic approach to attacking your war machines (Not that it'll help much because you guys and girls are absolute maniacs!)

In other news work on our long-term features is going very well and we're all really excited to see what you make of them. We're hoping to announce them next month so watch this space!

Well I'm afraid that's all we've got for you for now but the next update is just around the corner and as previously mentioned it will contain the first few levels of the new island Valfross!