Default Texture Mapping Files (UV layout)

For ones don't use a 3D editing software and want to create your own skin pack with new textures.

Before I learnt how to use the 3D software Blender, I had a hard time figuring out the where the model maps to the texture image.

So I used Blender to get all the blocks' Texture Mappings (UV layout) for you!

Except those blocks:
  • balloon --- I don't know how to get the right mapping
  • bomb --- mess
  • bomb holder --- mess
  • decoupler --- obvious
  • double wooden block --- obvious
  • hinge --- obvious
  • piston --- obvious
  • single wooden block --- obvious
  • spike --- mess
  • spinning block --- obvious
  • steering block --- obvious
  • suspension --- obvious
obvious: the default texture gives the clear clue
mess: the mapping is a mess, just give it a overall texture

If you're not going to change the models (.obj files), you can
make the game faster by deleting those .obj files. It will load the default models with your texture.

The image editing software used in the tutorial is Paint.NET. It's free.

How To Use Them:
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Ooh, that's useful.

BTW, since some people don't know this, and people who read this probably aren't gonna change the .obj files, can you write an NB at the top of your thread and tell people to delete the .obj file from their skin-pack if they don't modify it?
This will make the skin pack a lot smaller, and not as ram-heavy


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Thanks, those are very helpful!

However, it is somehow ruined by how various parts of the default blocks got UV mapped by Spiderling.

Some blocks, even basic ones like the SingleWoodenBlock, have terrible texture coordinates that result in various blurry, distorted, rotated pixel messes on various parts of the block.

If some kind soul could actually redo the default blocks UVs to make more sense & avoid those quality losses, I'd be an amazing contribution to Besiege.

Until then, using custom models looks like the only viable solution.
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