Crystal Thief 8999! (Zone 21 / Tolbrynd level 6)


Are you tired of not getting that dang crystal from that tower to the designated place on the ground?
Well then this invention is still a brilliant design to use!

With the Crystal Thief 8999 stealing the crystal from those peaceful cultists is a piece of cake!
Just drive up to it with the arrow keys, press H (ONCE!) and tap numpad 7 lightly a couple of times to attach the device to the shiny blue rock.
Press 1 when attached and then press two to release the donkey which drags your treasure to your treasure pile (using numpad 123 & 5 as arrow keys)
If you find it hard to drag the stone across the floor you could try and press L to give your pulling power an extra kick! (the donkey might explode)

If you'd like to see more of my inventions leave a comment.

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