Hi, I believe I found a bug, unless its intentional. The crossbow when set on fire, with the invincible and infinite ammo god powers will stop shooting when the crossbow is "destroyed" by fire. The block will not detach which it usually does without god powers but it will stop working (it hasn't run out of ammo as infinite ammo is on) I'm assuming this is a bug, because other blocks continue to work after catching fire in invincible.

Cheers, Brooka
I have noticed another issues with crossbows. When firing in infinite ammo mode after a certain amount of time the crossbows just destroy themselves. I've tried pinning the core block of the turret to isolate any recoil which I thought might be causing the issue, but nope still they destroy themselves. It isn't hit collision either, from the crossbows being placed together too closely, as it happens with a single crossbow, when I removed all the others.

As far as I am aware this doesn't occur with out the infinite ammo god power on.

Machines used to test:
and, tested both on the dukes plea.