Crossbow Buffs, Cannon Buffs

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Vote Yes On Less Recoil and Better Crossbows?

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  1. Engine-er

    Engine-er New Member

    Crossbows are too weak. They might have 30 shots, but what good is 30 shots when they only do about 500 damage to peasants? And changing the power of the crossbow doesn't help much either. The arrows just phase through them. Cannons might be a good solution to peasant-killing, but they only have one shot (if you don't have Infinite Ammo on), and the recoil is huge. When I fire a 20x cannon, it literally shreds the turret off my tank in the worst cases, and in the best cases, the cannon just falls off due to the blocks coming apart. The only way right now to fix this is to either make a drag-recoil dampener, with the Wing Blocks, which adds ridiculous amounts of weight, or by decoupling the cannon, which only gives it one shot (even with Infinite Ammo). Some people have come up with solutions, but those will eventually be patched with the randomization of Besiege's Physics Engine. These weapons are near useless. It's dumb. When I fire a ballista, with arrows that have about 20x the mass of cannons, the arrow flies about the same length and provides way less recoil than a 4x cannon.
  2. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    crossbow are for sniping peasant that are unreachable, its supposed to be weak.
    cannon are for mass killing peasant that are grouped together on ground, its supposed to be hard to handle.

    you don't normally fire a 20x cannon since that's not possible without some modding/file-editing.
  3. Engine-er

    Engine-er New Member

    But thing is, the arrows usually pass through the peasants.
  4. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    i think that only happens if you increase the power beyond what the game allowed?
  5. explsiv

    explsiv New Member

    i think that crossbows need a bit of a rework they get very messed up when scaled, and when your flying the arrows even if not modded will often pass through things.
  6. Engine-er

    Engine-er New Member

    @Shade , yes, that only happens if you mod it, but modding is half the fun! Also, the arrows need some more edits, as that if you fire (I believe), more 32 arrows, your original arrows stop appearing.
  7. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    That's intentional. Before MV update, the arrow won't dissappear and it will noticeably lags after awhile because the number of the bolts in the world was too many.
  8. Jüj

    Jüj New Member

    On multiverse, one can have it so ammunition is reloaded every x seconds by using the logic, idk if that helps you tho

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