Crossbow and Ballista


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Want to get revenge on those pesky archers on Marksman Pass? Want a weapon with more punch than a cannon? Want to blot out the sun with arrows? I DO!


A huge(2 X 5 X 3), single shot crossbow that fires huge bolts that damage everything, (it pierces brick, but does little damage to surrounding bricks). However, it has a forward kick (Inertia! Futz Yeah!) and needs room for its arm to pivot. Also, since its wooden, it burns.

Now you are asking, 'Why not make one yourself?' . Mine pierces brick and humans alike, wheras a home-grown one cant dent bricks, unless you are cray-cray and use bombs as projectiles. Also, size.


Much much smaller (1 X 2 X 2)than the Ballista, the crosbow is fully automatic, with a 5-bolt magazine. (mabey it could be reloadable?) It is much smaller, doesnt have a kick (or a very small one) and looks like a Chu-ke nu.

Note: I read the Megathread and saw a Crosbow entry, but I dont know if that suggesyion was alike to mine. So, appologies.