creating your own blocks


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creating your own blocks
I want to have such an opportunity!
this function block
this block size
is possible block
this control block
this scaling block
i guess you arent national english speaker ( nether am i :D) so i dont really know what you mean but if you want to create own blocks that is very complicated so i guess you should request someone to make that for you :D
Making your own blocks is not rocket science, if you are willing to learn some skills then anyone can create a modded block. Spaar and TGYD have made it very easy to create modded blocks! TGYD has made a tutorial (written) for people who want to create their own blocks, which takes you through everything you need to know.

You'll need to have:

3D modelling software (there are a lot of software and tutorials out there about create 3D models).

Some programming knowledge in C# (again there are plenty of tutorials about the language) .

A program called Visio studio which is just a program for writing code in.

And Spaars mod loader (developer version) installed.

If your are serious about wanting to create your own blocks then it might be helpful to join the discord server or modding slack.
I really help that helps!