Cracking the secret code in Ipsilon

jk it's just one of my crazy idea after six cans of coffee and 3 hour research so read the article carefully

THE HIDDEN CODE OF IPSILON [HR][/HR]Ever felt kinda confused as how they got the name "IPSILON"

Whenever you tried to type ipsilon your computer will suggest you the word epsilon and upsilon

Some say it's a derivative of a greek letter epsilon and upsilon, but....... is there any more connection between the word.

Lets focus of the word Upsilon. it stands for the letter Y but the lowercase letter of it is shaped like U

Take a gander
But why does it have something to do with U, so let's do a little exploration on Ipsilon

The letter u shaped like a Horseshoe as it is also a symbol of luck but there is something awfully similar to the horseshoe

The single largest monument to appear on the globe..................................It's the lyre, there is something special about it

Notice on how the queen's guard wear the lyre as their symbol, and it could be meant for Luck just like the horseshoe

as it is obligatory for the soldiers to wear them

The story itself is quite brutal as you slaughter trough wall of meats

Other thing that is medieval and brutal like besiege, is GOT like in Game Of Thrones

Pretty much where royalties get brutally murdered kinda like Queen Wynnfrith

In the other hand, remember the zone before the siege of Wynnfrith's keep

It's the zone that nobody completed on their first tries, the Marksman Pass

But for no useful reason the pass include a bridge and anther the bridge with a sign that meant for danger

Other than the bomb, the danger sign may be referencing to other thing

Guess what is known to live under the bridge.......

Poor people, i mean TROLLS, yes trolls lives under the bridge

And it's a part of the secret code that we have been waiting for since it all come to sense

The Lyre, The Symbol, The Luck, The Queen, The Siege, The Bridge

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Of course! It all makes sense! The Developers are evil trolls trying to take over the world, but they're making us do the hard work!


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How about "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world"
Or "A triangle has 3 sides, Illuminati confirmed!"


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