Controllable 12 Bombs Dropper

I want to simplify it and is still in the process.


[Q] to gain altitude
[O] to decrease altitude
Arrow Keys to move.
1-+ to drop bombs.

It uses a Grabber mechanism to you can drop the bombs 1 at a time, and slowly too if needed. It glitches sometimes though that the Grabber can't grab the bomb.

Example, pressing 1 will release the 1st bomb. pressing 2 will release the 2nd bomb but you need to press 1 again to release it altogether and so on.

PS: Don't press 3, 6, 9, + before the other ones at it will blow you up.

EDIT: It can finish all stages of the game on it's own and it fits snugly on the build box.

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Yes, it useful to release the grabbers. But I find the control to be actually nice. The center of mass does change, and makes the craft lighter once the bombs are released that's why there's a counter flight that can lower the craft.

Thank you for the comment though. I'm trying to make use of rotors using the quad-coptor design. Balloons are nice but it makes the whole unit "big"